Ultimate Survival First AID core 1.0

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The Ultimate Survival Technologies CORE Line of First Aid Kits are available in a variety of content and carrying case options, these kits will make certain that you are getting exactly what is right for your next outdoor adventure. The 1.0 is packed in ultra light, water-resistant, silicone-coated, nylon pouches with Find-Me reflective backs to aid in Search & Rescue signaling.

Durable clip to secure the kit to your pack or equipment
Elastic strap to hold additional accessories
Water-resistant Reflective back
CORE Line 1.0 Includes:
1-Antimicrobial hand wipes
2-Acetaminophen tablets (Packet of 2)
2-Antihistamine tablets (Packet of 1)
2-Ibuprofen tablets (Packet of 2)
1-PVP ointment
2-Antibiotic ointments
3-Antiseptic towelettes
2-Sting relief pads
1-Biohazard label
2-aLOKSAK waterproof bag(s)
1-Immediate action card
1-First aid guide
5-Butterfly wound closure
3-Knuckle Bandages
1-Moleskin, 2 inches x 3 inches
1-Oval pad, 2 inches x 4 inches
2-Non-adherent pad, 2 inches x 3 inches
2-Gauze pads, sterile, 2 inches x 2 inches (Packet of 2)
1-Transparent tape, plastic, 1/2 inch x 10 yards
1-Conforming stretch gauze, 2 inches x 5 yards
6-Adhesive bandage strip, 1 inches x 3 inches
1-Sterile cotton tipped swab 3 inches (Packet of 2)
2-Safety pins
2-Large nitrile gloves
1-Tincture of Benzoin

49 Pieces
Weighs 6.5 ounces
Measures 7.5 inches x 6 inches x 1.5 inches


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